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Inspirational Member:


Scout Hollister, at the age of 17 and ready to graduate from Liberty High School, has become the subject of inspiration around here at East Highlands Fitness. Three knee surgeries, a fractured collar bone, a separated shoulder and over 3 years of physical therapy are just a few of the struggles Scout has had to overcome starting just before his freshman year of high school.


Watching Steve Cook workout videos is where Scout’s love for fitness all began. He was truly inspired by the way he talked about being fit as more than just something you do, but rather a lifestyle.


“It’s hard to stay dedicated to something that is not so glorious [physical therapy, etc..], however, improvement keeps me going; I am confident and happier than ever,” Scout describes, “…exercise is addicting and humbling; even the easiest of exercises can be extremely difficult. It’s not just about lifting; it’s about the science behind it and the improvements you make.”


Walking around the gym with an unloader brace on his knee and his head held high, Scout has done just that; shown a tremendous amount of improvement. We cannot thank you enough for the inspiring effort you put in every day to better yourself and with such a humble attitude.


Once graduated, Scout plans to head off to college at the University of California, Santa Barbara to study environmental science. He is most looking forward to building new relationships, getting out on his own and furthering his education on the environment so that he can make a difference towards healing the world.


Keep up the outstanding work Scout; we know you’ll be gloriously inspiring those around you wherever you go! 

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