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Inspirational Member:


The team at EHF has elected Joshua Deraitus as our newest Inspirational Member of the Quarter.  Josh has been a member at East Highlands since the pre-signup before the gym opened in 2004.  From the very first time he felt his body become sore after a workout when he was 15 years old, Josh knew working out would be a part of the rest of his life. He has been training for around 20 years and has had many accomplishments in powerlifting, Olympic lifting and more recently, bodybuilding.   He enjoys sharing his knowledge of exercise and nutrition with whoever may be interested enough to listen.  He usually works out midday while on his lunch break from work as the Operations Manager of King County Water District #90, the local drinking water utility in the area, where he has been for the past 15 years.   “During my time at EHF I have met many wonderful people in the community.  The people are really what sets EHF apart from the rest.”

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