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Earn Stars and Win Prizes!

How do I earn stars?

  • Workout for one hour 

  • Complete a Personal Training session

  • Attend a Group Fitness Class

  • Get a Massage

  • Enjoy an Infrared Sauna Session

  • 3 Stars: Upgrade to Premium Membership

  • 3 Stars: Get a friend to join the gym

Note:  Only one star per day for a daily workout.  Each item equals one star only.  Each star earned is redeemed by filling out and  signing a tracking slip and turning it in to the front desk.


What are the prizes?


1st - $100 Fitness Bucks* + $50 Restaurant Gift Certificate

2nd$50 Fitness Bucks* + $50 Restaurant Gift Certificate

3rd - $50 Fitness Bucks*


*Fitness Bucks may be used to purchase anything the gym offers except for Advocare products

  (i.e. Personal Training, Massage, Sauna, etc...)


Plus - anyone who reaches the following levels will receive extra prizes:



20 Stars:  EHF Lanyard

40 Stars:   EHF Sweat Towel

60 Stars:  EHF T-Shirt

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