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Does the gym cause you summer time blues?

We know it can be hard when the sun is out, and all your friends want to hang out. How do you work that gym time in there? It seems like summer time would make it easy to be more active, for many people that is very true, especially the youngest among us! But, when you really think about it, a lot of people spend a lot of time indoors and eating in this area to beat the heat. Sometimes, the sunny weather hits and the Fahrenheit rises, the gym is just not on our to do list. Movie theaters, lounging at a friend’s house, or taking snacks to the park can spell doom for fitness goals. Don’t get distressed, it’s easier than you think to easily incorporate activities that boost your heart rate while having a lot of fun. Hiking to an area that has water is a great way to spend time with friends and get those steps in! Once you reach the river, stream, waterfall which ever you decided, you can cool down in the water which is a great way to enjoy the rest of the hike. Pack healthier snacks when hitting the park and get active while you’re there. Join the kids in Frisbee or football and invite some friends, easy way to have fun, stay cool, and get some exercise. Taking morning or evening walks or doing hit cardio outdoors is a great way to work out before the heat hits! Of course, we always love seeing you in the gym and most people do get their best work outs here. We don’t want summertime fun to be the way you fall off track and ruin your hard-earned goals. Take advantage of our fitness community, if you struggle with something relating to health or fitness in the summer, let us know in the comments!

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