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The missing link of health

One way you can maximize your health success is to keep a journal. This is a great way for you to track what your doing and how your body is responding. If you are utilizing a personal trainer, this can be very helpful for them to know how to adjust your program to maximize your success. There are many factors beyond diet and exercise that can have an impact on how your body is responding and transforming.

What’s important to journal?


Food Intake


Outside the gym activities


A general review of how you felt during the day (physically)


By keeping track of these daily activities and how you slept, you can start to see patterns. This will allow you to start learning your body to be a partner with it in your work towards your goals. Regardless of wanting to lose weight or pack on additional pounds of muscle, journaling is a teaching tool. When you are stalled and getting frustrated, having a journal handy is very helpful to see if you’ve made changes that might not be working for you. Journaling doesn’t have to be a grand task. It can be as simple as keeping to notebook on your phone or utilizing many of the free health applications that can be downloaded. Monitoring devices like a Fitbit are great but you still want to make not of the things it can’t track like how you felt, how high your stress was, and what was going on in your life during the time that data was gathered. Give it a try for at least a week and come back and leave a comment so we can see how journaling worked for you!

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