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Do I Really Need A Rest Day?

…. Yes!

A rest is just as important as any other training day. Rest is an important part of the body’s recovery system. It’s equally important to make sure you are getting enough sleep! While you’re sleeping, your muscles are rebuilding, and your hormones are able to balance. Studies suggest that not getting enough sleep can have a strong impact on the stress hormone, cortisol. Many athletes depend on a structured sleep schedule to maximize their conditioning and help them stay alert and energized for the day. Getting your daily training in, staying on top of your macros, and getting the proper amount of sleep helps keep your brain sharp and focused. While your memory consolidates as you are sleeping, you develop stronger coordination ability. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “sleep is vital for cementing recall linked to body movements.”. Some people will use their rest day as an active recovery day and do things like yoga, go for a walk, or other low impact activities. Often, if you are plateauing on your weight loss or not growing as anticipated, a trainer or coach will inquire about your sleep habits. These are common signs that you’re not getting enough sleep. Over 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders, if you feel you are not able to sleep it is worth asking your doctor if a sleep study is needed. Getting your sleep routine locked in will help you feel better and reach your health and fitness goals.


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