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5 X 5 – Your year is still on track!

It can be hard to stay on track after setting that “New Year, New Me” goal. We’ve come up with 5 tips for each fitness and nutrition to help you mix it up and get you back to enjoying pursuing your health goal. Don’t let an off weekend or a slip of motivation derail the progress you’ve made and cheat you out of all the progress ahead of you.

Top 5 ways to mix up your fitness:

Join a fitness class – you’ll meet new people and learn new exercises.

Try a new machine – never be afraid to ask our staff for a little help if you aren’t sure how one works!

Take advantage of a nice day – get a workout outdoors for some natural Vitamin D.

Try changing the time of your workout – is there a better time of day for you to get your sweat on?

Find a workout partner – someone to help keep you accountable and make your workout fun!

Top 5 ways to mix up your nutrition:

Swap avocado for mayo or Greek yogurt for sour cream – don’t be afraid to find and try alternatives.

Find new recipes to add to your meal prep – diversity is the spice of life!

Plan – packing your meals for the day will help you stay on track and avoid nutritional sabotage.

Be social – look up menus before dining out, find what will work with you and enjoy your time!

Log your intake – track food with a journal or app on your phone so you can see how you’re eating.

Hopefully, these 10 tips will get you back on track and excited about your health and fitness goals! Eating right and exercising should never be a punishment you do to yourself. They should be ways that you show yourself you are important and your health matters. Don’t let the craziness of life run you over and your excuses convince you to put your health on the back burner. If you still are feeling lost, consider scheduling a consult with our personal trainers. They have the skills and knowledge to give you that boost in the right direction.

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