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Are You Eating Too Much...or Not Enough?

Have you been dieting for a long time, but stopped seeing any results? The real issue might be that you’re not eating ENOUGH. Our metabolisms work like a thermostat. If you don't provide enough fuel, your capacity to burn off excess body fat goes away, the body switches to a survival state, and metabolic damage can occur.

Things start out with a diet, typically some combination of eating less and exercising more. Most people make the mistake of assuming “calories in – calories out = weight loss.” In the beginning you seem to be doing great. You lose a few pounds right off the bat - so far so good. Now you're a week or so in and you start feeling hungry, your energy falls, and you find yourself craving salty, fatty and sweet foods. If you're one of those people that has a very pronounced metabolic decline you may notice you even start gaining weight, and the hunger, energy, and craving issues keep getting worse. Other symptoms can include fragmented sleep, anxiety and depression. You might have this weird feeling of being wired on this inside, but tired on the outside or you're starting to feel sick and unwell.

The good news is that metabolic damage is REVERSABLE! One strategy is to cycle your dieting. Spend 2-3 weeks in an "eat less, exercise less" phase, then change directions towards an "eat more, exercise more" approach. You may need to take a few other steps too. This might involve prioritizing rest and recovery; walking, massage, sauna therapy, naps, laughter, time with pets, etc. Basically anything that lowers stress hormones and restores balance to the neuroendocrine system.

If you want help getting on track and reaching your goals more effectively, give us a call.

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