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Our personal trainers are experienced, certified, and ready to get you results! Our trainers have countless people that have been able to make complete transformations with their help. Read their bios to get a feel for their training styles and expertise.  Then call and schedule your FREE consultation to get you started!  Why wait? Get signed up with the best!

Personal Training rates:

                                 $70 for private, one-on-one, once a week
                                 $65 for private, one-on-one, twice or more a week
                                 $45 for semi-private, two or more, once a week
                                 $40 for semi-private, two or more, twice or more a week

Meet our Trainers! 



     National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM)

     TRX Trainer

As a fitness veteran, Laurie's background includes more than 17 years of fitness experience from extensively training her own body, successfully managing weight loss, and working as a director in the health and fitness industry.  Along with her husband and two young daughters, living a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of their lives.  Outside of fitness, she enjoys traveling, yard work and spending quality time with her friends and family. In April 2014 Laurie was crowned the 2014 Vancouver Classic Masters Bikini Overall Champion!


Laurie's health and fitness values incorporate functional fitness and total health.  She inspires people to achieve success.  She motivates her clients to reach their goals. She dedicates her time to personalize programs for ultimate results. Whether you're just starting out or you're looking to take your fitness to the next level, she can help. Laurie is a hands-on trainer: If you're doing it, she's doing it! 



    National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM)

    American Council on Exercise (ACE) Fitness Nutrition Specialist

    Pain-Free Performance Specialist (PPSC, Dr. John Rusin)

    TRX Trainer

For Colton, personal training is about helping others achieve their goals.  From an early age, Colton knew he wanted do something that gave him the opportunity to help others.  After gaining a significant amount of weight throughout high school and college, he started training for a 5k obstacle race and shortly after fell into the world of competitive bodybuilding and found his passion.  Losing over 40 lbs to step on stage taught him a lot about proper nutrition and how to maximize his workouts.


His experiences with other people during his training led him to becoming a personal trainer and wanting to share his knowledge.  So whether you're just starting to exercise, trying to lose weight, or looking to take your workouts to another level, Colton has been through it all himself and is ready to help you succeed!



     Bellevue College Personal Training Institute


**We require a 24 hour notice of cancellation for ALL personal training sessions.**

**All pre-purchased sessions expire 1 year from date of purchase.**