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Meet Leslie Reilly

Anyone who feels stressed out, experiences chronic pain or really needs to release some pent up tension should immediately get acquainted with Leslie Reilly.


Leslie brings 17 years of experience teaching and performing massage therapy in Hawaii. A proud graduate of The Hawaiian Islands School of Massage, Leslie takes what she calls an “integrated bodywork” approach to her craft.


“I’ve always had an interest in healing and wanting to give back to others,” Leslie says.


Specializing in therapeutic medical massages, pain release massages and chair massages, Leslie will do whatever she can to make sure you can live a happier and pain-free life. Her understanding of the human body will ensure you are given a well-rounded massage that incorporates a medical and scientific approach to wellness.

Though she’s no longer swimming with the dolphins on the Big Island, Leslie is back in the Pacific Northwest and wants to bring her expertise to our gym.


“I am here to offer the members of East Highlands Fitness a holistic approach to healing their bodies and living pain free,” Leslie says.

Massage Therapy Schedule


Mon-Fri & Sat/Sun

9am-5pm (last appt)

To make an appointment with Leslie for a chair or table massage, please call 425-227-0900 or stop by the front desk today!

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