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Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

People everywhere are discovering the wonders of infrared sauna therapy, including East Highlands Fitness members! If you haven’t researched the benefits on your on.

Fitness experts and physicians are closely watching the emerging research that confirms the health effects of infrared sauna. Many of them have identified it not only as a curative measure, but also as a significant tool to prevent illnesses from occurring in the first place. This reflects a positive type of proactivity that we all need if we want to take control of healthcare costs that are spiraling out of control. And more important, it makes you feel great!

Specific Health Applications for Infrared Saunas 
  • Weight loss: As the infrared sauna raises your body heat, your heart rate increases—the same increase you experience when exercising. When your body works harder to lower your core temperature or keep up with an increased heart rate, it burns calories and leads to weight loss.

  • Lower blood pressure: High heat causes your blood vessels to move closer to the surface of your skin. Expanded blood vessels improve circulation and lower blood pressure, key factors for both heart health and overall health. Some evidence indicates infrared saunas ability to lower blood pressure may be used to treat cardiovascular disease, but controlled studies are very limited. People with heart disease may also be able to tolerate the lower temperatures of infrared saunas much better than traditional high-temperature steam saunas.

  • Destressing: Stress plays a factor in cardiac health as well, and this kind of therapy works wonders to reduce stress. Sauna therapy helps balance your body’s level of cortisol, the primary hormone that causes stress. The heat also relaxes muscles and reduces tension throughout the body, also helping to lessen stress.


  • Detoxification: Besides shedding stress, your body will rid itself of other impurities that will enhance the overall appearance of your skin, hair and nails. Sweating caused by the infrared sauna also mobilizes toxins stored in fat and helps eliminate them.


  • Relief from chronic pain and fatigue: People who experience arthritis, neuromuscular problems or joint disorders will find a relief from discomfort with sauna therapy. Its warmth will loosen up stiff tendons and get muscles moving. This, like other benefits, is sustained well after the sauna session ends. If this is one of your concerns, you will enjoy improved agility and a reprieve from daily aches.


  • Reduced side effects from diabetes: Sauna treatments can improve the quality of life of people with type II diabetes who experience many of the complications stated above. One study has shown that infrared sauna treatment seems to improve the pain threshold and contributes to overall well-being in type II diabetes patients.


The use of the infrared sauna is a safe, nontoxic and natural way to maintain good health!

*** Medical professionals say that individuals with a history of multiple sclerosis, hemophilia, hyperthyroidism, systemic lupus erythematous or adrenal suppression should not use infrared sauna. Furthermore, those who are pregnant, nursing or experiencing their menstrual flow should not use a sauna. Those with artificial joints, metal pins and silicone implants should also avoid using these machines. The effects of some prescription drugs may be altered due to the high heat in a sauna. ***

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