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Looking for a fun, friendly fitness environment that will motivate and challenge you?


East Highlands Fitness has it all: Bootcamps, yoga, high impact, low impact, and dancing. We've got the classes that will put the fun in your fitness!


Our Bootcamps are a fun fitness program for men and women who are serious about getting results! Don't be intimidated by the word "Bootcamp", each session is simply a full-body workout class. East Highlands Fitness' team of personal trainers will push you through a series of exercises aimed at improving your stamina, strength, balance and confidence. ALL fitness levels are welcome.

Saturday - 9:00 AM

Monday - 6:00 PM

Wednesday - 6:00 PM




$10.00 - 1 Session

$45.00 - 5 Sessions

$80.00 - 10 Sessions


$15.00 - 1 Session

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