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Inspirational Member:


Our member of the month is Rick, and his story is inspiring! "Due to some health issues. I needed a lifestyle makeover. My poor diet and lack of physical activity were a bad combination and I needed a viable solution. I liked the fact that East Highlands Fitness was close to home, so I knew it would make keeping the commitment to re-vamp my life easy.


I stayed and succeeded due in large part to a caring staff that treated me more like a friend or family than just a member. EHF's multifaceted approach to fitness as well as nutrition has given me the tools to get the type of results I was looking for. My health issues have vanished along with over 100 pounds! EHF is a place that I can go and every time I leave, I am a better person.


Physically, it is a positive experience, not to mention the amazing impact it makes on my emotional and mental well being! To be in a place big enough to give you the resources to work through the larger obstacles in your path, but small enough to help you feel secure that you process towards better living is done in a safe and healthy manner."

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